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My first question is who are we photographing, and why?
Sorry but those are two questions...
Aside from the writing like this, and ignoring the prologue's...confusion, maybe? about dates, I think the several questions he wants to ask about photojournalism are the same questions that should be asked about any other journalism.
I really only disagree with this:
Mass audiences still matter, but in the face of these changes to democracy we need to also make photojournalism to become more targeted, to appropriate the personalisation and fragmentation which has done so much damage to the media landscape and use it perhaps for some good instead.
This would be a serious mistake--or, rather, is a serious mistake. I think this splintering of news and information is happening now, has been for a while, and is a large part of what stokes the divisions I see here in the US, at least. A bigger part is, I'm convinced, that adults who should know better aren't very clear on what is news and what is opinion.


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