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I like then Bill adds personal story. It makes it much more valuable, IMO.

First camera I was able to use was FED-2. Then switched to P&S and in the nineties to Canon EOS 300. Never had more than one lens.

After we came to Canada and family grown, again, we purchased open box Canon 500D.
To stop paying for prints, film, developing and paid pictures. Nikon d90 was more expensive.
With 500D I took 100K+ of exposures. I used it yesterday.
Then I went to film as DIY, I started to use same FED-2.
Then as usual, Bessa, Leica and digital Leica.

For now it is Canon SLRs and DSLRs and film, digital RF.
Every time I get enthusiastic about new system it ends fast, because gear I have works.
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