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Started off using canon DSLRs - 5d and 1d series as I worked as a photojournalist doing interior photography as a side hustle. Shot OMs and had a brief stint with a Leica m6 for personal stuff. After a while I became bored with the size and computer-like interfaces of the canons despite their excellent performance, and experimented with Olympus 4/3 and m4/3 systems, which didn't last long as I have never been enamoured with the small sensor 'look'.

Switched to Fuji the moment the x100 and x-pro1 came out, and have been with Fuji's since. If I could afford a digital Leica M I would use that. The Fuji's suffice as a reasonable and frugal alternative and are a pleasure to use.

More recently, over the last two years I have shot probably 95% film. I've gone back to it in a big way after a sort of 'digital fatigue'. I spent so long trying to make my digital shots more film-like, the realisation that I should just shoot film instead pushed me to invest more in 35mm and 120. The results are more satisfying to me.
So currently, I'm with a nikon f3hp which is one of my favourite cameras of all time, a Pentax 67 for more serious portrait and themed work, and whatever little compact PnS is available to me for carrying around daily (at the moment it's a canon MC).

As I go forward, I only keep the digital gear around in case I need it for a quick job, otherwise, I'm not particularly interested in using it. I plan to start using a wet darkroom soon and printing more things. I'm re-investing in flatbed for my 120 work and every time I compare a scan from 120 with an equivalent digital file shot with my fuji's/canons etc it positively re-affirms my commitment to film.
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