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In high school I saved up for a Kodak Tourist. The Tourist II had just come out. My aunt wanted me to have the latest model and gave me the extra money to get a Tourist II 800. After many years of one slow (f4.5) lens and the inability to see exactly what I was focused on, I got a Nikkormat with 50/1.4 lens. At the time the Nikon F had the gigantic metering head, the removable back for loading, the need for mods to use a motor drive, and other features I didn't like. I considered Canon, but at the time it did not have open aperture metering. Why put up with that? A year or so later everything changed in a big way. It was the glorious Canon F-1! It corrected most everything negative about the Nikon F.
Later I got into Canon autofocus SLR's. The cameras I currently use are the EOS RT and the Kiss IIIL Why in the world a Kiss IIIL? Well, in addition to doing everything else I want, I can illuminate the screen (ever try to set a camera that did not have an illuminated screen while on a cave tour) and I can shift to panoramic mode mid-roll with automatic view screen resizing.
I also have numerous other cameras from 110 to 4X5, but I don''t use them as much.
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