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My camera history is relatively simple. I began using my father's Exakta VX with waist level finder in January, 1973. It was so unreliable that six months later I got a Pentax SP500 as a high school graduation gift. Five years later I shifted to the Olympus OM system, and have kept with it since. I also have a Minolta Autocord and a Linhof Technikardan. I continue to shoot film, and process and print in my darkroom. I bought my first digital ILC in 2014. It was a Fuji XE2. I have since added an XT2 which I like because it is the same size and handles like my film cameras, with the aperture ring on the lens, and the ISO, shutter speed dial, and exposure compensation on the top plate. Very little need to ever access the menus. I am thinking about adding a GFX50R to the mix for better image quality. I have no current interest in any of the FF offerings.
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