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My first decent camera was a Mamiya-Sekor, around 1972. I bought it because I had seen some drugstore 3.5x5 black and white prints a friend had done with a borrowed Pentax and I loved the way they looked. I caught the bug pretty badly because within 6 months I owned a couple of Nikon F's with several lenses and I had a darkroom in my bathroom. Before I thought too much about it, I quit my job and began working for a weekly newspaper. After a year or so there, I was hired by fairly large daily that covered an area including sections of three states. I used Nikons throughout my 15+ years there. I tried using Leicas during this time but, as Bill reported, Leicas focused in a different direction from Nikons and I couldn't get used to them. My next encounter with Leica came almost 20 years later and it was much happier.

When I realized the future of daily newspapers was not too bright, I quit and took a job outside photography with more stability and better long term benefits. Photography became only an occasional thing at first but eventually I decided to upgrade from my ancient Nikons. I wanted to try AF and Canon had the best technology at the time. Since I didn't need pro gear, I bought an EOS A2E and a couple of consumer zooms, soon moving to an EOS 1n with some of the better Canon lenses. I decided to give Leica a try again and this time it fit me much better. I really enjoyed the handling, size and image quality of the Leicas. I used two M6 bodies, mainly with 35mm and 50mm Summicrons. With digital coming along, I continued to use Canon equipment. Again, pro gear wasn't necessary so I used a series of several APS-C Canon DSLRs over the years. I also used Olympus 4/3 and micro 4/3 gear along with Canon. Going fully into digital, I sadly sold off my Leica gear. But it was getting harder for me to use the Leica due to my vision.

Although I was happy with Canon, I was intrigued by the Fuji X-Pro1. When it was being discontinued, the prices were too good to pass up and I ended up with a pair of them and several fine prime lenses. Eventually I bought a couple of X-Pro2 bodies and I also use X-T1 and X100S fairly regularly. I'm constantly impressed by the Fuji images and I totally enjoy using the Fuji cameras. Although I lusted for a digital Leica for a time, the fact is my eyes haven't aged as well as the rest of me (and the rest of me hasn't aged well at all). Rangefinder focusing really kinda sucks when you can't see the focus patch very well. I need AF and Fuji's AF works exceptionally well for me. I like the bright lines in the X-Pro and X100 finders and I like that there's the option of an EVF for more critical framing. As for image quality, Fuji exceeds my needs. So far it's been the best of all the various cameras I've owned.
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