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Originally Posted by Bill Pierce View Post
What camera do you use, and, more important, why do you use it?
....I hope itís for a more intelligent, image specific reason than mine of being comfortable.
Thanks for the interesting story Bill.

I use a number of cameras, and for different reasons:
- an OM4-Ti because I love OM cameras and lenses - my first "serious" camera purchase was an OM1 when I was 18. Let's call this sentimental, but also practical as the OM cameras are a natural fit for my small hands. Using the OM is being comfortable with an old friend.
- a Leica IIIc and IIIf because the first time I handled a Barnack I was amazed at the design, build quality and heft of it.. it was another 35 years before I managed to buy one, and then never looked back. I'm interested in the history of photography, so let's call this sentimental too, though I find them practical for discreet street photography and very compact with a few lenses. Ah yes the lenses - a compelling reason to use a Leica. I can use them on my CL with an adapter. The CL gives me a better viewfinder and allows me to use the lovely M-Rokkor 40mm f/2, but the Barnacks have my heart.
- Olympus XA4. 35mm in your shirt pocket, a very nice 28mm lens and close focus, what's not to like? A great little camera to take everywhere. Let's call this one practical and convenient. The image quality is nothing to complain about.
- A Yashica Mat 124G. A TLR was the cheapest way into medium format and the 124G didn't disappoint. I bought it specifically for portraits. The addition of some Rolleinar auxiliary lenses extended its capability to head shots, although at closer focusing distances. I also occasionally use a Bessa II 6x9 folder when I want more detail for subjects like landscape.
- Canon 6D. Years ago a friend asked me to photograph his daughter's wedding on digital but all I had was Nikon film SLRs. He offered to buy me a DSLR. I looked at the Nikon D200 which was APS-C. Loved its handling but there were reports and examples of serious moire and colour fringing issues with high-frequency wedding dress fabrics. The Canon 5D was newly released, full frame and a superior imaging tool, so I bought it instead and never looked back. Eventually I dropped it in sea water and replaced it with a 6D, which is now mostly used for family pictures as I've gone back to using film. Let's call this legacy.
- my cell phone. Who ever would have thought it? It's always with me. It's not a fancy one, just a cheap MotoG3 but the image quality is surprisingly good, particularly the pleasing colour. Less useful in low light. Maybe one day I'll get a Pixel 3 on runout. Let's call this being practical.

Also, I wouldn't ever underestimate the importance of being comfortable with a camera. It's one of the best reasons for using any camera as long as it meets minimum requirements. Sure you can make great portraits with a Hasselblad, but look at what Jane Bown did with an OM1 in her handbag.
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