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I've settled on the X pro 1 as my only camera. Over the past 10 years I've dived into about every kind of film camera, with smallish medium format being my favourite. However, I gave up film cold turkey. Got rid of everything. I've always tried to maintain a balance between as small an outlay of money as possible, ease of use, and max results for whatever goal I wanted. I shot mostly b&w film because of this balance; chems are long lasting, developing is fast and easy, enlarging is straightforward. I generally prefer colour but switching to colour film would require a lot of investment, perhaps not commensurate with what can now be had with digital . Also, the plummeting cost of used digital cameras in the 16MP range, combined with the crazy price increase in old film cameras, nudged me into the full time digital realm. I also view scanning as a compromise. A very useful and convenient one, but one nonetheless.

I picked the X pro because of the viewfinder, no question. And because it looks good. None more black! Happily, the rest of it works pretty well. After using MF for so long I came to prefer larger cameras. Even though I will probably only use the 23mm f2, I didn't get another X100 because it was too small for my needs. Also, I usually have a bag with me so smaller cameras lose their charms. Pretty happy, so far. Quality is excellent.
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