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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
When I became interested in photography my first camera was digital - a 3 MP pixel Fuji I bought 20 years ago in 1999.

I've tried film since but it doesn't feel like real photography to me - instead, it feels contrived, like dressing up in Victorian clothes and listening to rock music on a wind-up gramophone player!

So, to me photography = digital cameras. I've given up up on film and my analogue cameras are now decorations. (I last took used film 7 years ago, and the roll's still half used in my camera!)

As to my camera choice - it's a means to an end. Photography to me is all about the end result: the picture. I don't care about usability, ergonomics, the camera as a pleasurable object to use and own, aesthetics, etc. It's a tool and has a job to do. Full stop.

I didn't always think that way. I used to use Epson R-D1 and Leica M8 digital rangefinders - neither practical or efficient tools. But when I went to university to study photography I needed a tool and sold the Leica to buy a digital SLR. I now use a Sony A7R II. I think mirrorless electronic viewfinder digital cameras are the future if a photographer is serious about wanting the most efficient picture-taking tool.

I've no affinity for my digital cameras as objects (unlike I had for the Epson or Leica) and when they get dinged and scraped and worn out I buy a cheap used replacement. Like cars, digital cameras suffer massive depreciation, so I never buy new but instead look for cosmetically damaged ones in perfect working order - which can be picked up at little cost.
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