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Back in the 70s, my high school had several Pentax K1000 cameras to loan to students--those of us who were "working" on the newspaper or the yearbook. I did both and had that camera until I graduated.
Then did not own a camera for the next couple decades.

I was about 10 years into a pretty decent career as a cook/chef and a short while before I joined RFf, I decided I needed some creative outlet that was not on demand for someone else. I didn't have room to make sculpture or furniture, and writing much of anything beyond a letter or a rude limerick feels too much like actual work to me so, photography.

I enjoyed that K1000 but, at the time, didn't have enough extra money to buy one. I did have enough for this weird rangefinder camera that the local camera shop had--some one had been on vacation in Europe and brought back a FED 5. That one I could afford.

Currently, I am using my Bessa R, an Intrepid 4x5, and my phone. Because those three cover 99% of what I want to do. They are each simple enough machines* to mostly get out of the way and let me capture some of the world around me.

Since that FED 5, I have bought, sold, and used a wide variety of cameras, most formats from Minox to 8x10 paper negatives. RF cameras, TLRs,SLRs, P&S, scale focus, and homemade pinhole cameras.

Why, those cameras for me? Because they are good enough. They fill my need to make something creative and while they are certainly not the best examples of their type, they are, for me, affordable and relatively replaceable should they fail.


*OK, the phone itself is not a simple machine but the camera in it is pretty basic.

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
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