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Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
You and I must have read a different article. Perhaps you could link yours.
Perharps you could re-read what Coleman writes and get that whom he's after are a group of people who spreaded what he considers to be some fakery.

Capa did it too for sure. I own an item of the first publishing of "Slightly out of focus" and agree with Coleman that Capa was prone to tell fancies and this can also be listened to from the lone audio recording of his voice in a radio broadcast :

Most of the people having been close friends of Capa tell that he was always half telling the truth, half fanciing it.

I have also read Richard Whelan's controversed biography and done a few serious university researches about Capa in the past.

I find him to be an exceptional photographer, whose work is still mostly unknown, and a great character. Is it enough to blindly take for granted and a holy truth some forged stories which don't resist a bit of logical explanations and crossed honest and meticulous fact-checking ?

Two years ago I went to the large house in Leipzig in which Capa took the photo of the last US soldier to be killed in Germany before the nazis surrendered in May 1945. There is a now a small museum dedicated to Capa in that house, which has been salvaged by the city of Leipzig and some private fundings. So, primary Capa bashing doesn't interest me. But this is not what I read in Coleman's writings, and from far.

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