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Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
"I have closely seen the "Mexican suitcase" negatives with my own eyes. How clean such late 1930s negatives still hold today is unbelievable"

Yep, I suppose we should presume the negatives were never placed in an overly hot drying cabinet.
I suppose we should presume the "Mexican suitcase" negatives were placed in an overly hot and humid suitcase for decades. Yet the images didn't wiped off themselves on those prewar cellulose triacetate negatives (mainly made by Agfa) nor got eaten by fungus and the like.

Although I can understand very well why it was invented and although, like I wrote before, it doesn't deprive Capa from all the consideration and respect he deserves for his unique courage and photographic skills, I don't and won't buy the overly hot drying cabinet story.

But, you can.

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