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I'm shooting a mix of film and digital.


M2, M4, M6ttl, M7, R8, R6.2, Nikon F3, FM
Rolleiflex 2.8 / Hasselblad 503cx

Well, I still love film. But I do hate scanning and our options have become limited.

It's also getting to be very difficult to get film cameras properly serviced. Leica and Hasselblad are pretty much the last ones standing for reliable, professional service. Rollei has Harry Fleenor or you can send it to the Rollei group in Germany. With the Nikons you have to make sure you're sending it to the right person.

I still shoot film 6x6, because I can't afford medium format digital. And 6x6 film looks incredible. I would like a Mamiya RZ or RB 6x7. That would be a great portrait camera.


Leica M10, Nikon D600, iPhone

Basically digital replacements for my film cameras. Simple manual operation, good dynamic range.

The M10 is a delight, because it's basically a true digital M, while being an exercise in frustration, because of it's dumb-as-a-brick metering system. The solution is to know when to use a handheld or built in meter and to 'learn' the sensor like we used to with film. Also the battery life is mediocre at best and the batteries are $200 a piece.

I shoot 28/35 on the M10 and 50mm on the Nikon, just like my film kit. I use the D600 primarily with manual focus lenses, but routinely curse Nikon for eliminating the ability to swap focusing screens... Some day I would like to upgrade the D600 to a D750 or its successor, because of the highlight weighted metering mode.

The iPhone is always with me and I've come to appreciate the aesthetics of phone photography. The arrival of the iPhone 7 with its dual 28/50mm lenses was a game changer for me. That said I really think Apple screwed up the metering system in their cameras starting with the 7. Since then iOS seems to favor exposure for the shadows over the highlights, which is ass backwards. AT least that's how it is on my iPhone 7.

The Ricoh GR III looks really interesting. I've always liked that camera and the 28 has grown on me over the years. I may rent a X-Pro II for a week to see what it's all about. I had the X100T, but found it too fussy, with too many buttons.

I think that once I get my Piezography setup going and I can generate archival carbon ink prints I'll be shooting more digital. I've neglected prints for too long and ultimately they are what matters. As Bill has often said, "Nobody hangs a negative in a gallery. It's the prints that count."
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