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I started off with contax slr's and a leica rf. Mainly habit kept me in those camps until digital came along. Then went through the d1x, d2hs, d2xs, d3 path until i became utterly fed up with huge cameras. I also migrated to the M8 when it was released however it didnt end well for me.

One year i working in a place where cameras attract a lot of unwanted attention. As a result i shot the assignment on a digital point and shoot. SHAZAM! Epiphany moment for me!

Now i shoot point and shoots or compact mirrorless cameras for everything. I suppose its because im lazy and thats ok by me. Ive never had an editor complain about IQ and small, pocketable (truly) cameras afford me a degree of anonymity/disinterest/lowprofile that i have learnt to take advantage of.
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