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Originally Posted by B-9 View Post
I know there has been more than a few of us who have done this over the years.

Any tips and tricks to keeping motivated and free of the urge to search gear!?

It takes a lot of courage and commitment. Kudos to you for a new beginning. I have a hard time with beginnings and endings because of unresolved grief. Pretty much I fall apart from uncertainty.

So the camera, lens and film I would be interested in that you picked. I would want to know why.

One trick I do is make the camera special, or lens, or both special. A mystical story of divine intervention, or legendary tale kind of is self reinforcing. The problem for me is that many of my cameras have stories, legend and have become mythical. LOL.

As I approach retirement I also think long-long term. Why not make the rig a forever camera and go beyond a year.

I don't want remorse, but my old Wetzlar M6 has wear and tear I put on it. In a way that camera has become part of me. It is also my first Leica. Lens 35/1.8 Nikkor in LTM.

The F3P I own once was a real press camera that was owned by the newspaper "Newsday." I bought it right after Operation Desert Storm right after it had been completely overhauled. This is the camera I have owned the longest. For a lens I would use my Noct-Nikkor that I got at B&H as a miss pricing. $2.7K for a $3.5K lens.

If I had to restrict to only one camera I think it would be this baby Linhof Tech IV I bought for $800.00 that was sold as a kit with mucho accessories that included a Zeiss 100/2.8 Planar that had a lens separation that the seller was very upfront about. I kinda knew about the risk involved by having John at Focal Point attempt a repair.

Many said an element could shatter due to the dissimilar formulations and the heat involved required to separate the glued elements. Even if the repair failed I still would have to pay for the attempt as if fully repaired. The risk was mine.

So for $250.00 I got a pristine/perfect 100 Planar that could sell for $2K. Pretty much I won the lottery. Know that John at Focal Point soon retired there soon after. Understand the Tech IV and all the extras were worth the $800.00 alone.

So your rig better have a cool story to give that camera some "Mojo."

BTW my film for 120 would be Tri-X: if I had to do 135 Kodak 5222.

If I had to indulge myself the three above that I own and have a "history" with are the one's I would keep. Truth be told really practical and all I need. All the rest is a bonus.

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