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At one point I had to sell off almost all my camera gear (everything from 16mm to 4x5, with some studio gear included), keeping only a Nikon N90s kit, a Yashica Electro 35 GTN, and my Father's old Argus CC.

I didn't feel liberated at all, it was more a restriction. A few years ago I started back into acquiring more gear, getting the stuff I always wanted to try out. If a different camera platform was bought, then I felt the need to kit it out so that no matter what I walked out the door with, I felt like I had the requisite amount of items to do the type of photography I was interested in that day.

But after a while I began to gravitate towards only a couple of platforms, thus a lot of the gear was just sitting around not getting used. So I'm now in the process of getting it ready for de-acquisition. It will happen later this year after I officially retire, so that it doesn't affect my disability standing before then.

But I'm not done with acquiring gear. The kits I'm keeping are not complete, so there are still a few lenses, and a body or two I want to get. There'll just be less good working gear lying around here not being used. And I could use the room.

The F100 is a fine camera, usually called a Baby F5 because of its feature set. Combined with the 50/1.4D you should get plenty of good images. I'll never get rid of mine. It'll be part of the Remainders after the next purge.

Waiting for the light
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