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All of mine are out! Sorry to my international friends as those were the last batches to get mailed. I had to spread out the mailing costs this time around due to financial issues -- thanks to the current U.S. "administration" . But, I will not elaborate as I want to avoid political-based strife among this very civil and congenial group.

I have noticed that darkroom prints fare much better in the postal system than the various service-printed cards (e.g., Vistaprint, which I happened to use ). I don't know exactly why, but the observed pattern in received cards is robust....darkroom prints rule as postcards. Not that the postal service didn't try their best , but those silver-based paper images came through with barely a roller mark .

Was there a cyanotype among us? I need to review my stack and see how that fared as well.

Thank you darkroom printers!!!! This makes me think I should dust off the darkroom kit and start up again, even if just for RFF Postcard . I retained all my darkroom equipment, and even have a space where I could set up. The main problem is -- darkness. The old darkroom was actually a corner of my garage (and could be again). It is not sufficiently dark in that space until the sun goes down. During June-August that would mean I can't start printing until after 10:30PM local time. Errr, I like to be settling myself down about that time and thinking of sleep. I'm not 24 anymore
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