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My MOO order got delayed due to Easter and only arrived just before I was heading out for a 3 1/2 week trip to Japan. I am now back in London, but sadly I missed the deadline, however the majority of the cards are now on their way and the rest will follow shortly.

This time in Tokyo I spent three days hunting down a silver Zeiss Ikon ZM – it was not easy, you will frequently hear that those that have one never really let it go – during which I met many a friendly used camera store owner to practice my half-broken Japanese with. I really should do a write up on this to guide others as camera shopping in Tokyo is both wonderful and challenging without some understanding of Japanese. Now I just have to keep my promise to my wife and sell off my old Bessa R2 as the Ikon is meant to replace it – “surely you want me to have AE now that we have a child on the way. Oh, what is AE? Um, it allows me to take pictures faster and you know, kids move around quickly – it is essential, I assure you!”

Back to the subject at hand, when I got back to London I had 22 wonderful cards waiting for me and four more have arrived since then – thank you everyone!
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