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Originally Posted by usayit
How well does the Voigtlander meter work? I've been considering one to replace my handheld sekonic.
Works REALLY well. It's very accurate and pretty much mimics the meter in my M6ttl.

The VC-II is a huge improvement over the original model. For one thing it is half the height, but more important Cosina added a lock to the reading. The original VC meter was borderline useless, because it metered continuously.

With the new meter you look through the viewfinder and use the RF patch as your guide. The metering area equals that of the 90mm framelines.

Next, without taking your eye off of the viewfinder, you tap the little orange button on the back of the meter and take a reading. The meter will store that reading for circa 20 seconds or until you press the button again. Now you dial in your aperture and shutter speed settings and Bob's your uncle.

They aren't cheap, but well worth the money.

In any case I don't think I would totally give up my incident meter for one, but use both. You could meter off of your hand, but it's not as fast.

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