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I am really disappointed with this release, RICOH could have really delivered a knock out camera instead they seem to have merely cashed in on the good name of the GR1 series, admittedly they had a high level of expectation set by the original GR cameras but they just haven't delivered...

To see the marketing focus on silly points like it being "Equipped with a generous seven- blade aperture" is annoying , who cares that it has 7 aperture blades.... not going to make much difference with f2.4 and a 1/1.8"sensor.

Looking at the sample pics at ISO64 and ISO154 on DC Watch I can't say I'm impressed, where is the low noise??? Show me the BOKEH....I can't see that either...

...and from the DP Review website," ISO 1600 (not available in RAW mode)."

Why is that? I'm not a digital user and therefore might be missing some really obvious technical reason why this is so, but it would have made more sense to me if it said ISO1600 ONLY available in RAW mode. Is there a reason for this?

Also just looking at the specs for the GR on the RICOH website, ( ) it would also appear it only accepts SD cards upto 1Gb....? Hopefully something cured by a firmware upgrade, but why release something with a spec below what is readily available (ie. 2Gb SD cards) so that out of the box it requires an upgrade?

I was really looking forward to this camera, namely because I don't have a digi camera and was considering it as my first, but I will now have to see some better (ie. more impressive) final images, especially high ISO images and find out if its proclaimed ease of use/interface really is worth the 80,000yen asking price.... too high for what it is... how much is an Olympus E300 with lens kit going for now?

PS. At least it looks like Cosina Voigtlander is making some funds from the optional extra "optical" finder...and that optional square hood looks like it has the touch of CV as well...
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