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I'd like to add some positive feedback for the camera.

Firstly, the retention of the old form factor and the use of an external VF will make for a very 'non-digital' shooting experience.

Secondly, the street price is sure to be less than the RRP, at least after a month or two.

Also, the sample pictures are likely to be from a pre-production model, so it may well be tweaked before the ones we get our hands on. Anyhow, in my humble (and I must admit pretty inexperienced) opinion, I think the pics are pretty good, and the GR digital does fulfill its brief in being a compact and straigtforward camera capable of producing good quality pics over which the photog retains control.

I don't really need a new digicam, but if I did, it would be the GR digital unless I won the lottery and could afford an EOS 1DS MkII

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