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Originally Posted by dreilly
I think people might be being a little harsh a little too early. The info out there is pretty fresh, and nobody has actually held/used this thing. It's charms may yet be manifest.
Are you suggesting that maybe it actually has an optical viewfinder after all? Without one, it is crap.

It has a fixed lens, something that does set it apart from almost every other digital camera--and the GR-1 film cameras had to extend as well, so I don't see that as negative.
Fixed lens is lovely if it conveys the advantages that all fixed lenses on AF film cameras convey - speed and image quality. 1.7 second shot-to-shot? Might as well be a zoom.

It might have a more useful interface than most digital cameras, with seperate aperture/shutter speed dials. That's always been my complaint about digicams. Too obtuse in usage.
The manual knobs for shutter speed and aperture control are the most useful features that this camera appears to have. I'll give it props for that.

There's a lot we dont' know for sure: how fast it really is,
Manufacturers routinely exaggerate - they say 1.7 seconds shot-to-shot. If normal testing holds true, it is actually even slower than that. Unacceptable.

how long the batteries last,
Umm, yeah. I want to spend $750 USD on a camera because the batteries last a good long time.

and how good the photos really are.
The cult status of the film GR series cameras was achieved because the image quality was cracking - but lots of lenses can do that. It was completed by the fact that it was small, fast, quiet, and easy to control. A 'pro' point-n-shoot, if you will. The announcement suggests that this digital GR is small and perhaps quiet. I could really give a rip about the image quality - I expect excellence these days as a minimum standard.

I won't be calling it crap just yet. I also won't be buying it until the reviews start coming in.
I won't be buying it at all, and yes, I feel quite comfortable in announcing it's crapitude. No optical viewfinder? Pfah!

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