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Even if the GR has a brilliant interface the question will be is it worth twice the price of a GX8 (or almost twice as much as the newly released R3) for what would appear to be similar if not tuned performance...and a magnesium casing?

Thing is RICOH could have carved a whole new niche for itself if it had delivered the goods, ie. a 4/3rds or APS-C size sensor P&S with suitable, quality fixed wide angle lens. Would have been a lot of interest generated by both pros and serious amateurs alike. Looking at all the accessories available for this digi P&S and options such as getting the "GR Lens 5.9mm" customised to an all black part instead of the stock chrome makes it appear as though its been aimed at those who are more into kneeling down at the altar of the GR than anything else....unfortunately. paraphrase,"It could have been a contender!"

Battery shooting capacity:
Using DB-60: Approx. 250 pictures (Normal)
Using AAA alkaline batteries: Approx. 30 pictures (Normal)

And from the Ricoh press release:
"Even with 8,130,000 effective pixels, the shooting interval is just 1.7 seconds. When shooting continuously, you can shoot at this interval until the memory is full."

Doesn't mention in what mode but I doubt it would be in the Adobe DNG mode...

PS. It would have been more useful if it had a scroll dial to change ISO than aperture with a sensor of this size....but then it would need exceptional low level noise which (while from a pre-production camera) the pics on show it doesn't have....
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