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Originally Posted by ZeissFan
You know what is interesting? If one fell swoop, Sony has now redefined the P&S market with the RD-1. The ability to put an APS-C sensor into a P&S camera has now altered the expectations of other cameras in this category.

I agree that it seems a bit unnecessary to mention a seven-blade design and bokeh when the real-world lens is just 5.9mm.

Also, packing 8MP into that small sensor -- I don't know ... maybe they know how to deal with the noise better than other camera makers.
I imagine that the camera will not be a big hit. It is too expensive for the PnS crowd, who could care less about manual control and non-zoom and DOF effects. They don't care about sensor size - only megapixel rating and how many x's in the optical zoom (3x, 10x, 12x, etc). They're interested in happy snaps, and hundreds of less-expensive models will give it too them.

This camera was obviously aimed at the big boys, but they missed the mark.

Obviously, there must be a larger sensor in order to even begin to replicate film's ability to create creative DOF effects - selective focus is BASIC to real photography.

There is no excuse not include an optical viewfinder. Peering at an LCD from arm's length is hardly a 'street shooting' positive, and the clip-on optical viewfinder is just one more thing to snag in a pocket and drop hard on the ground.

They could have left out the flash altogether, and should have. An APS/C sensor and ISO 1600 or 3200 combined with a REAL f2.8 / 28mm lens would have been (barely, but still) sufficient for available-light street work. A hotshoe would be welcome in that case for rare instances of needing an external flash - pros usually disdain built-in flash anyway. It would have been forgiveable to eschew the hotshoe in favor of a tripod bush and a simple PC socket.

This camera is neither fish nor fowl, this is a joke. Sad. Ricoh had a shot, and obviously the bean-counters got their mitts on it. Back to making copiers, Ricoh!

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