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Originally Posted by dreilly
Well, I suppose I was trying to point out that not everyone's definition of crap is limited to having/not having an integrated optical viewfinder. All those Bessa L users, for one.

Let's talk about film cameras again, seems to generate less bad vibes (at least on RFF).
No, I can define crap for everyone. It's crap. There. You're welcome.

Bessa L is not marketed, intended, or commonly used as a Point-n-Shoot street camera for pros and advanced amateurs. The Ricoh GR series film cameras were and are.

Sorry if I seem to be giving off bad vibes, but I'm seriously disappointed. I'll get over it. In the meantime, saying the camera has 'nice images' is like telling me that my car with no engine has a nice paint job. Who cares at that point - you can't use it as it was intended to be used!

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