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Originally Posted by kbg32

With all due respect, I think you are absolutely wrong. People think 1/2 frame cameras are crap, and in the hands of someone capable, can produce fantastic images. In the end it doesn't matter what you use. It's your vision and what you have to say that matters.

Who cares if one drives a '59 VW Bug or a new Beemer. They both both get you where you want to go. One might be a bit more comforatble in the Beemer, but I'll take the Bug any day. You never know what might happen along the way!

It depends on how you define your camera, like the automobile analogy you used.

If Ricoh had said - here's a camera with some manual capabilities and a very lovely lens, perhaps I'd not have said it was crap. But they aimed it at the pro and serious amateur market and they called it the 'digital GR' camera. It isn't that.

1/2 frame film cameras are lovely and yes, they can take excellent photos. Who cares? Lots of cameras take excellent photos. Cameras have other qualities besides being able to take good photos. They are small, or fast, or quiet, or blah blah blah. Those other qualities fit them into a niche, and it is there that they will live or die. 1/2 frame cameras were supposed to be more economical with film - and without a huge decrease in photo quality. And in that role, they succeeded admirably. Note that not many pros use them today - because the role they were created to fill no longer is seen as a problem.

BMW and Volkswagon? I'd drive the VW too. But if I wanted to win a race, which one would be appropriate?

If you're saying that all cameras have their good and bad qualities, and we should enjoy each according to what its qualities actually are, then happy moonbeams to you, my friend. Non-judgemental, accepting of everything, this is the way the world has become.

I'm judgemental. I'm critical. I am the consumer and I demand - it is for manufacturers to meet my desires, not for me to find the hidden qualities of their products.

Ricoh had a film camera that fit into a tiny little niche - a Point-n-Shoot camera that was of high enough quality to fit the needs of many pro and serious amateur photographers. Small, fast, well-made, excellent controls, great lens.

The digital GR has to compare to THAT - or why did Ricoh bother positioning it as the 'digital version' of the legendary GR series cameras?

It doesn't compare. That's crap, happy moonbeams aside.

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