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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I have it Ö and I canít help thinking about those BIG 6x7 negatives shot from a camera that will more than make up for any inadequacies in certain body parts!

Ďle vrai rduí has it also Iíve noticed in one of his recent posts Ö not sure about his perceived inadequacies though Ö thatís probably just my issue!

As much as I like my Hasselblad I prefer to be able to shoot at eye level and in spite of reports of the big Pentax being far from ideal for hand held shooting Iíve seen images that suggest otherwise. Some advice and reports from happy users whether tripod mounted for landscapes or brave hand held street shooters would be much valued.

Thanks in advance.
Seem to be plenty of them around, Igor has a couple. Price is good enough so you can try it and sell if you do not like it. People I know who like them love them, others not. J
To capture some of this -- I suppose that's lyricism.

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