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Well, Keith, sounds like you've heard the siren song! How about selling-off the Hasselblad and keeping the Bronica? That along with the P67 would make for versatility.

As a long-time fan of the 6x7 series, I have two of them, plus two of the newer P67II, and most lenses up to 300mm excluding the fisheye and tilt-shift. Neither of the leaf-shutter lenses either, as I don't do flash. But I do also have the 55-100 zoom, weighs a ton. The 90 is most compact, though the newer and less common 75mm f/2.8 Aspherical is my favorite walkaround lens.

My original 6x7 has no mirror lockup, so I'm not in the habit of using that feature, even on the newer bodies. Have not used a tripod since I did a "Van Gogh moonrise at sunset" project with the 200mm. Fire scene below with the 75/2.8

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