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I feel like changing my Rolleiflex T (after 2 years and 100 rolls) for some MF with AE. Had briefly Pentax 645N with 45-85/4.5 at home (returned it because of some problems) and now have really hard time to decide which way to go - 645 or 6x7 (P67II) or "just" some RF (Mamiya 7 or RF645).

Anyhow - I do like the AE option so it seems that in the case of P67 I woudl have to get the "II" version. However these seem to be hard to find. I have seen a few with AE prism and 105mm lens for 1000 what seems a bit too steep to me.

So - what is actually a fair price for the P67II with the AE prism and 105mm lens today?
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