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Originally Posted by Nettar View Post
I wonder whether the problems mentioned in connection with the big Pentax need to be put into perspective. Cameras today are significantly more reliable than before, owing partly to new materials as well as new technology. When I used Pentax 6x7s, in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, they were about as reliable as any other reflex medium format camera at that time. I had three bodies in all, and no problems with any of them--in particular, no problems with the shutter, meter or wind-on mechanism. (I heard of potential difficulties with the latter, but never experienced them.) On the other hand, I had friends who had no end of bother with their Hasselblads--a much more complicated system in many ways, and simply more things to go wrong. Nettar
All of the issues i heard about with regard to P67 reliability were from fashion photographers who really abused the wind mechanism, trying to shoot rapidfire.

When i was trying to shoot fashion, i had a Pentax 67II and an older model. The older one was fitted with a dedicated Polaroid back. I never understood claims that the older body was as nice to use as the II. The II is very much more refined and comfortable to handle. The older body just feels primitive. But, even after the II was released, you'd still see superfamous fashion photogs using those older bodies, usually with that big wood grip - another item i just never understood....

Of course you can handhold the Pentax. In daylight, especially. The problem comes at a specific shutter speed range, when even on a tripod, the vibration is an issue. Above 1/60, i think you're okay, and faster is definitely better if you want critical sharpness.
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