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Originally Posted by Paul T. View Post
Surely not. It's shot with a higher sensitivity, but with less light shot onto it (which might further affect s/n). I don't think your statement works.

To use a film analogy, if I use faster film, but underexpose, it's still fast film. Correct me if I'm wrong.
The EXIF says this shot was done in aperture priority.

When -1.3EV is dialed in, the camera compensates by either increasing the shutter speed, the f stop or decreasing the ISO sensitivity.

in this case the f stop is fixed because it was shot in aperture priority, shutter speed is at maximum hand holdable of 1/30 so to compensate for that -1.3EV the camera's firmware lowered the ISO sensitivity of the sensor... He could have done the same shot at ISO 400 but with a shutter speed of 1/60.

Film is analogue process, we're talking about a computer here, for a lack of better word.
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