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Originally Posted by videogamemaker View Post
It's not really that the images are expected to be life changing, it's the camera itself that is so exciting.

Leica X1? no viewfinder and expensive
Nex? No viewfinder (and for now, slow lenses unless you adapt and lose AF)
m4/3? none of the small ones have good integrated viewfinders, and image quality isn't as good as aps-c
real P&S like s90/lx5/XZ-1? No viewfinder and IQ is way behind aps-c
M8/9/RD-1? Price (and it is looking very likely that at least on the noise-in-high-ISO front, the x100 will readily spank all 3 of these)
+1 a fine aps-c sensor in a friendly body with a fine lens - ergo a lot of excitement

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