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Originally Posted by videogamemaker View Post
Here is an example I whipped up. The only image with clipped snow that I could see is this one (the very bottom has a very small row of pure white clipped pixels, but the top of the snow has detail) and it looks like not only should the exposure been recorded darker, but there is no way of knowing yet if the raw file would have had the actual info in it.


Impressive if you ask me, especially the sky and the tree shadows along the path.
Thanks for the clarification Videogamemaker ! . The picture with snow/trees you show is very good indeed. However, on a beautiful day, the sky EV may be in the range of the snow EV. This picture doesn't show plain shadows and the exposure latitude needed to record the picture may be in fact limited.

The first picture you talked about is more problematic, maybe a wrong exposure. Also, the raw file may contain the missing info

We have to wait for more detailled tests. But I won't say I am impressed by the exposure latitude for now
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