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It all depends in how you photograph and the subjects you photograph most often. For me I use a rangefinder for it's quick focus, I use it for candid people photos or when I don't want to be so critical with my focus, Hyper focus or zone focus will get the job done. I tend to use my R2M mostly with my 35mm F 2.5. The DOF is great and the 35mm focal length. I will go as far as also using my 50mm Summicron just to tighten the compostion a bit. The Fuji X100 will do just fine. The bonus is that it will have macro down to 10cm instead of 2 or 3 feet and a ND filter built into the leaf shutter lens, which by the way is super quiet compared to any focal plane shutter. For the money around $1200 Canadian it is a bargin. We just have to see if the retail models deliver what has is promised. I am sure Fuji will deliver!

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