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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Ah, that wasn't intended for you either way (amateur or pro). I just meant that a Pro that knows how to use the camera and is great at post processing can make anything look great making you think he/she is using is a super camera. I just want to see average snapshots from an average joe. I just feel that it is a more realistic example of what a camera does... not what post processing can do.
c'mon, even amateurs nowadays use PP.. and what makes you think that pros will definitely use PP afterward? it will not be a fair example if all the test shots are PP-ed.. i think for all test shots, it should be done straight out of the camera? and i don't think manufacturers would compromise their reputations by posting heavily processed shots?

i mean, these snapshots are good, but i think if you want to test a sports car, you need at least a good driver to fully exploit the car, not some kid who just know how to drive, or the average mom who only drive to the supermarket..

i just can't see the logic that every pro shots are PP-ed..
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