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Originally Posted by lem0n View Post
Nice pictures!

I think the flag-thing is intresting. Although it can send mixed signals, I think it's nice that people can show that they're proud of their country by waving the flag.

In Finland, where I'm from, it's a big no-no to openly wave around the finnish flag in any form, unless it's a national holiday or if you're a right-wing extremist. In a way I think that's sad, because that's not what the flag is supposed to represent. It seems to be the same way in Sweden, although I think people there just don't want to bother anyone with their flag, they're afraid that it might make the immigrants feel less at home or something.

When I lived in Denmark a year or two ago, I was surprised that they waved their flag at every possible opportunity, they're proud and happy to have the flag all over the place. I thought that was really nice.
That's interesting. When I first went to Sweden in 2002 I was surprised at how many Swedish flags were flown outside people's homes - more than any other country I have been to, including the US. In Australia it is very rare to see, but like Keith said, it seems to be increasing.
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