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Originally Posted by Johnmcd View Post
That's interesting. When I first went to Sweden in 2002 I was surprised at how many Swedish flags were flown outside people's homes - more than any other country I have been to, including the US. In Australia it is very rare to see, but like Keith said, it seems to be increasing.
I was surprised when I first went to the USA some 20 years ago just how patriotic people were but the many porch flags were nice to see.
Around Australia Day and Anzac Day people flaunt silly little flag things on sticks, stuck on car windows and waving frantically in the breeze as the cars go by.
But one neat touch has been the advent of the "bikini" flag. Shaped, elasticised textile Australian flags that slip neatly over the side mirrors of the cars. They actually look quite cheerful and neat and just sufficiently understated not to annoy.

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