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Originally Posted by batterytypehah! View Post
Not to harp too much on the flag issue but one thing I found fascinating when I came to this country was that the largest flag in town invariably is at the car dealership. This seems to be true everywhere I go. Probably something about limits on the size of billboards, etc., but not on the height of flagpoles.
LOL! Have you ever been to Fort Wayne? We have the same thing. Biggest flag in town flies over a car dealership. The thing is ginormous and can be seen from a mile away. The newspaper did a story on it when it first went up, right after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. If I remember right, it is over 50 feet long! The pole its on is something like 250 feet tall.

I don't know why car dealers do this. This is the only one in town (and we're a big city with about 20 new car dealerships and countless used car lots) with an outsized flag (many others fly normal size flags), and its got a reputation as the crookedest car dealer in town!
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