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Originally Posted by Lflex View Post
The minor distortion I see wide open is nothing (if you come from most other systems than leica).
The distortion is not there only wide open. I see it pretty clearly in many of my photos, but it bothers me in only a few (and frankly, if those were otherwise better photos, I would not mind the distortion). It is my most used lens.

Anyway, when you look at lenses for a certain system (Leica M in this case), you mostly compare against lenses for the same system. For the Leica M system, the 35/1.4 is considerably cheaper than pretty much anything else. Which is pretty suspicious when it is actually a tiny, 1.4 lens that appear well-built. There must be something wrong with the lens - what exactly, why is it cheaper? I think it is mostly in this context that we talk about its weaknesses. And sure, it is not perfect. Pay more and you get no distortion and no focus shift with the Zeiss 35/2 (as well as getting a significantly bulkier lens and losing a stop), and so on.

The problem is that in Internet chatter the weaknesses get blown out of proportion.
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