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Thanks for the attention. I'm blushing.

Honestly, this is an impossible exercise for me, especially since the new gallery software went up. Every week I discover some amazing new talent. Far too many people to list. In fact, when I make my contributions to the weekly gallery favorites thread, I usually struggle to balance guilt about being greedy and posting too many images and guilt over the many I've left out. I simply find myself overwhelmed at how my photos knock my socks off each week AND how many different contributors they've come from.

While I do have some people whose work I come back to again and again, that may be a bias on my part born out of familiarity. So I always try to view the gallery posts with fresh, wide-open eyes. I am never disappointed, as every week, some new person pops up whose work I'd missed before or who's posting for the first time.

I am especially fond of that weekly favorites thread, as the rest of you never fail to turn me on to something I'd overlooked.

In addition to a lot of talent here, there's also a lot of warm generosity (critiques, suggestions, support, encouragement, etc.). I appreciate that beyond words.
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