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Rare and early Nikon
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Rare and early Nikon

Thanks for the link to the early brochures which were quite interesting .

The first Nikon one brochure A. Lists the 5 cm 1.5 for sale with the first lenses for the Nikon one . The 8.5 cm is not listed .
Usually early numbers are based on completed design dates or perhaps introduction .
The 8.5 cm was designed / intoduced jan 1948
The 5 cm 1.5 was designed / introduced may - July 1949
Odd that. 1.5 was listed but the 8.5 was not .

The second brochure B lists the 8.5 cm
Also there is a 5 cm 1.8 availible - however this was a prototype
That did not reach production - the glass types were not availible ( rotoloni )

The 3.5 cm 3.5 design existed as a Nippon kogaku prototype for the prewar canon Hanza camera ( dechert ) perhaps two known . So the optical design is early .

Zeiss and leitz had wide angle lenses of 3.5 cm and 2.8 cm availible prewar .
Any system camera that desired to compete with the German cameras would have to have a 3.5 cm availible at the minimum .

Once nippon kogaku was able to perfect their camera , many innovations followed . I don't think the German industry was prepared for the advanced
Large aperature optics that were developed and introduced at a quick pace .

The early cameras and lenses were produced in a time of shortages of the required materials . Some optical glasses were not availible although prototypes were produced .

Since unlike leitz exacting production records are not availible , exact dates and numbers are difficult to determine .
The idea of using other delivery records does add another dimension to the picture and makes it clearer .

I want to know what happened to the prototype motor driven black dial Nikon s2's
From the NYC show in 1957 .
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