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For medium format, I think a decent flatbed like a V700 or Canoscan is good enough. A dedicated scanner is better of course, but with a big negative, I think we're well into diminishing returns.

For film, if you don't want to use a meter, I'd go with Ilford XP2, for me, I think it has far more latitude than 'real' black and white film. If you want 'real' black and white film, can't go far wrong with Tri-X or Tmax, or any 400 speed film from one of the big makers. For colour, Portra 400 is probably the best all round film for my money, the grain is more like a 100 speed film, and it can make a decent photo in almost any lighting conditions.

For meters, my only meter is a VC II, and I like it.
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