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I prefer inclusive to exclusive definitions, though the wag in me thinks that all things being equal, street photography probably ought to involve something concrete, whether it's up close and personal... here with Mr Dinkelkamp pulling on his shoe in the midst of his life story

or a bit more distanced in social witness... with Conrad on the 6th day of his hunger strike for shelter with the Occupy organizers in the background of the federal building. Still personal in its narrative...

...yet if it's a public, civic space, room to witness factions impersonally at work

...or representatives of a cohort or demographic group

Despite the wag in me associating "street" photography with concrete, sidewalk, plaza, architected/urbanized space, the work I like best exemplifies 1/candor (on the part of the photographer at least) and 2/subjective gesture, by which I do not mean "a pose," but an action or a repose that reveals character.
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