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Frank- welcome to RFF. Glad to have the benefit of your insights.

The brackets I put around street photography fall very much along the lines of what RichardG wrote in the fourth post: "I see street as lots of things. Shapes and Theatre are the two categories I often think of." To that I would add a feeling of spontaneity or feeling of a moment that's candid.

Several on this thread have written that they know street photography when they see it. I would like to ask the group if the following image qualifies as street photography.

1024) {this.width=1024;this.alt='Click here to see a large version';}" onmouseover="if(this.alt)'pointer';" onclick="if(this.alt)'');" border="0">

I recently made a print of this image for a show at a local gallery and it was interesting hearing how many people classified as street, whereas I'm not sure exactly what it is. The image started as a pin-up"ish" environmental portrait. Something staged. Very much anti-street. But then, after a few frames, the busboy started walking in and out of the nearby restaurant and in the frame above he stopped to look toward the curious scene on the sidewalk, and in doing so, he made the picture come together. His reaction is genuine and spontaneous. a bit of street theater as Richard wrote...but it's only half the story.

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts about the street/not street question, though I'll admit I'm not overly concerned about how to classify the image, which I like regardless.
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