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Originally Posted by JoeV View Post
Great project. I'd recommend moving the tape measure a bit closer to the center of the field of view, because some of these lenses can have field curvature near the edge, meaning if you calibrate focus on the edge, the center may be a bit off.

From my pinhole camera experience, anything shiny, black or not, will reflect bright sun. Craft stores have adhesive black felt, in sheets, that works good as flocking.

Keep us update on your progress. Well done.


Thanks. Yea that tape measure is in the photo only for reference, it's not what I used to measure the distance from the film plane to the subject (I used the tape measure directly from the camera to the box I was focusing on).

Good idea with the flocking, I ordered some from Prophoto. Looking forward to the next iteration and seeing what the flocking does for the shots.
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