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Originally Posted by johnwolf View Post
I can't help with any of the technicals, but I will certainly express my admiration for your skill and initiative and creativity. All the best with it!

Thanks, John. It was definitely and obsession of mine. In fact, tweaking, adding, subtracting is an addiction, even to this day. I just wanna work on it, it seems. And every iteration, I find that I can do things better, different.

So, for example, I printed this entire thing as a single piece. Which is great for a lot of reasons - it's more lightweight, it's stronger etc. But I didn't think about the challenges of adding flocking. If I were to re-do the camera, I would change these two things mainly:

1) Make the lens cone narrower (there's lots of extra space inside).
2) Print the lens cone, back and adapter that mates with the 120 back all separate (and have holes to screw them together). With separate parts, it's easier to add flocking. And flocking is incredibly important, for lots of reasons.

I suspect a V 2.0 will be worked on soon.
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