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Originally Posted by Spanik View Post
Lost track of this thread when it was moved. Have to say there are some great images in it. Really, this is a lens that is underrrated so much it isn't funny. Well, it kind of is funny for us who have one and use it. I really have to use it more, it is a lens that performs so far out of its zone.

Now the vignetting... it is noticable, but on the other hand it doesn't bother me.

You got Norway captured like I remember it from 40 years ago. Wiiiiiiide landscapes, empty, lonely, wild and raw. Gorgeous.

Thanks! Yep, Norway is still incredibly beautiful. Quite possibly one of the best places to hike/camp I've ever been.

And yes, the 75mm super Angulon is a beast of a performer. While there is vignetting, it's only at wider apertures. At f16 or above, it seems imperceptible.

400 iso film in direct sunshine is needed. You need to shoot at 1/250 or faster to make things really sharp if using handheld. Portra 400 is perfect. So 1/250 @ F22 seems to be the sweet spot.

I really wish I had a back that fit your Sinar Zoom. I only have one which will fit the Dayi/Horseman backs, at this point.
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