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Originally Posted by JChrome View Post
Could you explain a bit more about why you'd like a mask? You mean shoot 6x12 with the 65mm or 50mm and then mask the film? I'd recommend shooting the whole frame and then cropping if needed. Or, if you want to shoot 6x9, you could also get a Horseman 6x9 back (made for 4x5s). They are less than $100 and are great.
Just an errant "brain fart". am so used to masking for other formats on large format. Thinking to be able to use my 65mm which is not going to cover 6x12 or 4x5.

May never happen, and don't want to throw out considerations that may hinder your plans and progress. Forget I said it.

I've been doing a lot of stuff with cutting down Polaroid Pathfinders, and slowed to a standstill on that. Have one cut down to the base rear plane, bellows, and repositioned front standards to maintain the parallel aspects of the front to back. I extended the back to flare out to 4X5 inch, and yet keep the square of the Graflex Crown Graflok back. But enough of that.

Forge on, please.
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