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Thinking of adding a DP1M to my 2 and 3.
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Thinking of adding a DP1M to my 2 and 3.

I haven't used my DP2M or DP3M for quite a while and dragged them out of the cupboard a couple of weeks ago and haven't really used anything else since. I'd forgotten how much I like their output and have basically fallen in love with the quirky little shapeless things all over again. They really are a phenomenal little camera and because the Quattros have never really grabbed me in the same way I have stuck with them.

But .... where the hell does one find a DP1M these days because I would now quite like to add that focal length to what the other two offer. I saw a couple on eBay that seemed very pricey to me and new stock seems to be long gone here in Oz which is a shame because before they cleared them out they were only asking $550.00 for them.

My alternative is to put a wanted to buy add here at RFF classifieds or maybe even swap something I'm no longer using that has equivalent value for a decent user?

I can see myself keeping these things until they die ... I really do like them.
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