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Originally Posted by John Bragg View Post
They should take note of the film resurgence and be proactive in making an affordable alternative student camera that is as reliable as the fleet of ageing Pentax K1000 and similar. Sign a deal with Kodak Alaris to promote and supply said camera and Kodak film to educational facilities at a reasonable realistic price. Who'd of thunk that Fuji would corner the market in instant photography ? Even Kodak have done a U turn on things analog and actually are re-issuing deleted products.
They already make one (well I believe Cosina actually makes it)

But really, how many cameras would you expect them to sell to educational facilities? And then how many the second year? Hardly any. The problem is that although the K1000 (and similar) are aging, they are as you say reliable, so the number of new items required to "top up" the supply is tiny.

A new film camera isn't going to make money for anyone who sells them at a "reasonable" price. How much would you pay for an F2 reissue? Used they're about $200, a reissue would be over $2000 I'd think, and to make money, closer to $3000. No one is going to buy that apart from a few hardened Nikon fans. At $1000 I'd think about it, but Nikon would lose a lot of money. I'd bet they'd sell far less of them than Leica sells M-As, as a "new" F2 would have to either be limited to AI-S lenses, or include so much electronics to use all the modern lenses that it would no longer be an F2, but an F7. The M-A has the same lens compatibility as the M10, as modern as it gets and can be shot alongside an M10 with no real handling/compatibility issues.

Back on topic. I believe Nikon has to save itself. Thom Hogan has a recent article where he outlines his strategy, which I agree with more or less:
-Keep Full Frame digital trucking along.
-Fill out the DX lenses - I'd probably still be shooting with one if they made a semi compact 24/1.8 DX lens to get an equivalent 35mm lens on DX. Add in 18mm and 16mm DX primes and we're there.
-Actually ship some version of the DLs. Add in a waterproof one - I'd get a waterproof/underwater 18-50 DL, it would be great.
-Kill everything else
-Make smartphone lenses to replace Coolpix.

Mirrorless alone isn't going to save them, it's just another late entry to a contracting market. It worked great with the KeyMission... They need to shore up their core business - advanced amateur photographers. The company would be smaller, but would survive.

Anyway, I doubt I'm adding anything new, and I don't have any real interest apart form that it would be a bit sad if such a historic company went under.
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